Binson Echorec

Produced in Milan Italy, the Binson Echorec was unique amongst echo units at the time because in place of a tape loop the Binson Echorec used an alloy drum driven by a motor -the record and playback heads were arranged around the perimeter of the drum. The unique sound of the Binson Echorec was further enhanced by the presence of  6 12AX7 tubes.

Binson Echorec Sound

The Echorec sound is most often associated with Syd Barrett and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd up until around 1972. Guitarist David Gilmour’s effects ‘board’ featured a Fuzz Face, a wah wah pedal, a DeArmond volume pedal and a Binson Echorec. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin has also used a Binson Echorec.

Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii

The classic Live at Pompeii film featuring Pink Floyd playing to an empty Roman amphitheatre features David Gilmour making use of the Binson Echorec.

Echcorec / Echoplex / Copycat

If you’re looking for a more reliable, modern Echcorec / Echoplex / Copycat pedal without the issues associated with tape loops and moving parts then the Line 6DL4 Delay is an option – click here.



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