The Art of Guitar

Michael Spalt studied photography, film and painting in the late 1970’s before moving to the prestigious Academy of Applied Arts in Veinna, Austria before heading back to L.A. in 1986 to work in film set construction and special effects – a rich journey through art, illusion and technique that reaches fruition in Spalt’s exceptionally individual, expressive and beautiful custom guitars – each one is without any shadow of a doubt a work of art.


Unique Beautiful Guitars

Spalt’s Totem guitar series is an exceptional marriage of iconic guitar passion, luthiery and a unique artistic vision. The Spalt totem bodies marry a tonewood back with a decorated, sonically transparent,  resin top of assembled, found and other objects – Spalt has developed a method whereby his resin adds sustain to the guitar. Spalt selects guitar neck, body and equipment to bring out optimum sonic qualities. Beginning in 1997 Spalt has built over 300 Totem ResinTop guitars. Each guitar is unique both visually and sonically.

Spalt guitar Inspiration

Click here to see more of Spalt’s custom guitar work and watch a series of videos featuring Michael Spalt discussing the inspiration behind his amazing guitars.








Spalt’s art / guitar work gets better and better so we will cover his later guitars in the next couple of days.