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Snooks Eaglin

Snooks Eaglin People make a lot of stupid lists about guitar players but if your list doesn’t feature Rory Gallagher, Snooks Eaglin or Hubert Sumlin,

October 02, 2013 Videos
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Clapton – Beck

Clapton – Beck Beck’s fantastic stint at Ronnie Scotts gave everyone a great insight into his wild techniques and undeniable guitar control – some of

October 02, 2013 Videos
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Besnard Lakes

    Besnard Lakes From the album “Until in Excess Imperceptible UFO” Because, sometimes great guitar is all about riding a big tide of sound,

October 01, 2013 Videos
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Roy Buchanan Telecaster

Roy Buchanan Telecaster IF you want to recreate the beautiful and plangent tones of the world’s heaviest guitarist Roy Buchanan’s 1952 telecaster is on Ebay

June 29, 2013 Videos
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Riding Panico

Riding Panico Riding Panico are an instrumental post rock band from Portugal who fuse ambient rock and looped guitar spaces. We discovered Riding Panico when

April 10, 2013 Videos
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Kurt Cobain

    Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain. Interview in English 1993 Documentary in French More Videos            

February 20, 2013 Videos
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Jimi Hendrix – Driving South

Wumbhi Tahaza! Hendrix blasts off planet with “Driving South” an excellent instrumental from the 1988 posthumous release “RADIO ONE”. We’ve been looking for wumbhi tahaza

November 28, 2012 Videos
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Stevie Ray Vaughan – Sky is Crying

Stephen “Stevie” Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990) was an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, and record producer. Often referred to by his initials

August 27, 2012 Videos
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