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Electric Guitars Amps & Pedals – Eric Johnson

Cliffs of Dover After the success of the album Tones, Eric Johnson returned in 1991 with the album “Ah Via Musicom” and the Grammy Award

January 04, 2012 Gear, Lessons: Learn how to
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How to play the E Blues scale

  Free Blues Guitar Lesson If you want to begin learning the basic building blocks of the blues, as used by Stefan in his video,

December 12, 2011 Lessons: Learn how to
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How to Select a Resonator Guitar

  The Son House Sound / Choosing a Resonator for slide guitar if you want to emulate the wild, apocalyptic, steam driven blues sound of

December 09, 2011 Gear, Lessons: Learn how to
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How to Slow Blues in E – Stefan Grossman

How to play blues like Lightning Certain blues motifs never get tired – they form an important part of the blues lexicon / vocabulary. These

December 07, 2011 Lessons: Learn how to
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