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Up and Down with the Rolling Stones

Keith Richards Life We were going to have a look at Keith Richards’ autobiography “Life” but we decided against it. Someone, somewhere suggested Keef’s memoire

December 19, 2012 books, Culture
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Will Self – Destruct 2

“The Guitar Spatula needs no tuning, but will flip your pancakes without missing a beat. Perfect for when you’re putting on a rockin’ performance in

November 26, 2012 books, Culture
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Will Self – Destruct

Will Self – Mokni Rebel Will Self is an important writer. A cynic, a skeptic; septic. He has the rather dubious credential of having been fired from

November 21, 2012 books, Culture
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Another Bullshit Night in Suck City – Being Flynn

Memoir of the Greatest Living American Writer Nick Flynn’s startling memoir is an absolutely killer read – a broken, dysfunctional diary, a series of fragments

April 27, 2012 books, Culture, film
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Jazz – Sonny Rollins John Coltrane – The Bear Comes Home

Coltrane Rollins Beebop Melody and a new Style So, you want to syncretise a new personal style from the beebop genius, hard bop cool of

March 28, 2012 books, Culture
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Keith Richards – Keith Richards Biography

<A HREF=””> Widgets</A>  What would Keith Richards Do? Everything. If you do not have time for the larger Keith Richards biography “LIfe” then this easy

February 29, 2012 books, Culture
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Jeff Beck – Biography

Jeff Beck is without any shadow of a doubt one of our favourite players here at Rare Star Guitars so we were delighted when journalist 

December 27, 2011 books, Culture
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